Florida Fossil Collecting Stories & Pictures

                                   Golden Gate Member Of The Tamiami Formation

                                                          Fact Or Fiction?



    For over 20 years an aggregate and sand pit has operated in the city of Bonita Springs, Lee County, Florida. Access has now been limited to a select few individuals who started collecting there at the time the pit had first opened. The geology of this area began to fascinate many people from Meeder’s research in the 1970’s and later while doing his doctoral dissertation in the 1980’s. Meeder made fabulous geological discoveries in quarries and housing developments around Collier County, Florida. He discovered rich zonated reef tracts of coral which now make up what is referred to as the “Everglades Pseudoatoll” named as such by world renowned professor of geology Ed Petuch in a number of his publications. Meeder’s research took him to an area in Collier County, Florida that was starting to grow into a housing development called “Golden Gate”. In 1985 Ed Petuch while teaching Geology and other courses as a professor at Florida Atlantic University heard of similar zonated reef structures and coral coming from a housing development in Miami, Florida. He investigated and with a great amount of research tied together the Miami coral reef structures with the ones found in the Collier County, Florida areas that Meeder had researched. Discoveries also of the same type were made at the Mule Pen Quarry in Naples, Florida in Collier County that was owned by Florida Rock Industries. The Bonita Springs Quarry we go to with our friend was found to be near the beginning or the northernmost part of this amazing massive coral reef tract now known as the “Everglades Pseudoatoll”.



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