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We carry mostly museum quality & investment grade specimen shells, fossil shells,coral fossils & other fossil invertebrates!!! So feel comfortable shopping with us! Our shopping cart has the highest level of security & encryption. We have EV-SSL on our website so there are no worries when using a credit card on our site or using PayPal express checkout! Better yet you don't have to abandon your shopping cart because of postal costs shown with your order summary, if it looks like postage is too much!! Our goal is to charge the exact amount of postage and handling needed for each order! Our shopping cart is connected directly to the USPS web server getting constant updates of postal fees. If you paid too much postage and handling, we will refund you back the difference to the credit card that you used to originally pay for the order. When the exact postage is calculated and the package is wrapped and ready to ship we will notify you if you have any money being returned for postal over payment! We aren't in business to make money on shipping and handling! We combine shipping to save on postage!

Welcome To Florida Seashells and Fossils LLC. Our web site has become the Premier web site in the world for the Highest Quality Florida Fossil Sea Shells representing many different families of mollusks. We offer the finest Florida Extinct & Fossil Corals, Extinct Sea creatures, Marine Invertebrate fossils of all types such as echinoids and even some sharks's teeth.  Our fossil specimens have been collected from different mines and sites around the Florida Peninsula since the 1960s. Our experience as amateur paleontologists, geologists, malacologists and conchologists takes us back over 50 years. Many specimens represented here include ones collected not only by our family but also by famous scientists who are academic leaders in the fields of Geology and Paleontology throughout the world. We strive to properly identify each and every specimen with 100% accuracy and offer them in the finest condition available to the collector with excellent collection data. We also take great pride in offering specimen seashells primarily from Florida and the Caribbean, some very rare!  However, we also offer a fabulous selection of worldwide specimen & fossil seashells from all over the world!
Our family also has a few artistically talented members that custom make Gorgeous Seashell Mirrors, Collages, Seashell Wreaths and other items out of non-specimen marine and fossil seashells in all different sizes. We carry many shell related items to decorate your home, office or to give as beautiful gift to somebody you love or admire. New items are added almost daily to our web site so come back many times to look! We strive to be different than other web sites and strive to offer 100% customer satisfaction when possible on every purchase with fast one day shipping upon receipt of payment when USPS pickup is possible. 

**We are always looking to Purchase Rare Fossil Seashells & Fossil Seashell Collections!!!** We will also trade for rare items that we are interested in offering to our customers. We are also interested in Megalodon Teeth From Florida, Virginia & other eastern seaboard locations. We are also looking to purchase rare Florida & Caribbean Specimen Seashells​!! You can contact us by e-mail at flaseafossils@aol.com if you have some high quality specimen shells and fossils to offer that have good scientific data! We take great pride in properly identifying our fossils and offering the finest fossils to our customers. Dealers may also contact us if they want to sell or want to buy at wholesale prices. Again, our land line phone number is: 239-541-8535 for those of you that want to call.


Yours Truly, The Staff At Florida Seashells And Fossils LLC


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