We Posted More Gorgeous and Super Rare New Fossil Seashells & Fossil Cowries Today to our website on 09/19/2021. We are continuing a 35% off discount on all items that aren't marked 0% off or consignment items.

    Come to our website and see the highest quality Florida Fossil Seashells and corals in the world!!! The scientific data and quality of the specimens is just outstanding!!! These aren't parking lot found Florida Fossil Seashells or corals!, these are for the serious collector, researcher or the scientist for study! Our Specimen Seashells are also Fabulous in every way and come with great scientific data!!! See the difference in what buying from an experienced dealer makes!

    We will continue to post some new items to EBAY like Books and certain special shells and fossils. Our Website is actually more secure being EV-SSL secure! On our website you also don't pay multiple shipping charges, you only pay one shipping charge for multiple items. Our website is connected to the USPS Postal Server of rates for accurate postage. EBAY people try our website and never leave us!

    Still looking for a Rare Specimen Seashell Collection to put on consignment. We are now offering same or next day payment when items sell!  Potential consignees can contact us by e-mail at: Shells must meet our high quality standards with good data and clean.

    Please first send us a letter and some pictures and if futhur contact is needed and we are interested we will call you. We aren't looking for multiple quantities of Specimen Seashells, that are all the same unless the shell is very,very rare. 

    Dealers may also contact us if they want to sell or want to buy at wholesale prices. Again, please email Melanie Briskin at about dealer relations.

    Yours Very Truly, The Staff At Florida Seashells And Fossils LLC



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