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Calyptraeidae: Gastropoda- Gastropods known as Snails(Mollusks)with One Shell or referred to as Univalves. Examples of Calyptraeidae:"Cup And Saucer Shells"

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Crucibulum multilineatum 22.91mm.-Museum Quality-Lot#16465

Crucibulum multilineatum 22.91mm. Conrad, 1841-Extinct Collected in the Ft Denaud Member of the Caloosahatchee Formation in 1998 Star Pit Ranch Gelasian Pleistocene 2.2-2.4 M.Y.A. Coll: Billy Bell Museum quality with a perfect cup.
1 Crucibulum multilineatum 22.91mm.-Museum Quality-Lot#16465 $10.00
Sale: $6.00

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Trochita floridana 42.17mm-Apac Pit-Lot#12939

Trochita floridana 42.17mm wide.Olsson & Petit, 1964 Collected in the Pinecrest Member of the Tamimai Formation in the 1980’s Apac Pit, Sarasota, Florida. Piacenzian Pliocene 3.0-3.6 M.Y.A.
1 Trochita floridana 42.17mm-Apac Pit-Lot#12939 $12.00
Sale: $7.20

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