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Arcidae:Bivalvia-Bivalves or Two Shelled Mollusks-Known As Ark Clams such as Turkey Wings, Anadara and Barbatia.

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Anadara tuberculosa 2 1/2"-West Mexico-Lot#15490

An F++ pair of Anadara tuberculosa 2 1/2" or 60.26mm, Sowerby, 1833 Collected in shallow water in sandy mud in 1989 Bahia Kino, Gulf of California, West Mexico.
1 Anadara tuberculosa 2 1/2"-West Mexico-Lot#15490 $4.50
Sale: $2.70

Max: 1

Barbatia foliata1 5/8”-Malaysia-Lot#16367

An F+ Barbatia foliata1 5/8” or 37.05mm. Forsskäl, 1775 Collected at 10meters on sand by local diver in 11/1990 Langkawi Island, Malaysia. Pair glued together.
1 Barbatia foliata1 5/8”-Malaysia-Lot#16367 $3.00
Sale: $1.80

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