Worldwide Specimen Gastropods

    Worldwide Gastropod Specimen Seashells(One Shelled Mollusks or Univalves)From all over the world, They were collected by our family or purchased from collectors that live in countries all over the globe. Many species are represented from many different Oceans, Seas and even freshwater. Shells are graded on a Fine-Gem Scale. A few are graded at good but only offered if they are very rare or normally can't be obtained in better condition.. We have 50 years experience grading specimen seashells and wouldn't sell any seashells to collectors that we wouldn't personally keep in our own collection. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee if you aren't pleased with your specimen seashell you may return it for a full refund. We include full collection data with each specimen shell whenever possible. Operculums are present with the specimen shell whenever the shell was collected "Live" and had an operculum or "Trap Door" in place on the body of the mollusk. The Operculum is used to shut the mollusk inside of their seashell to protect them from the wrath of predators. Specimen Shell Collectors find that a specimen shell with an operculum is more desirable to have in one's collection.Many Florida Gastropods included

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