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Turbinidae:Gastropoda- Gastropods known as Snails(Mollusks)with One Shell or referred to as Univalves. Examples of Turbinidae: "Turbo Shells"

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Astraea (Uvanilla) babelis-Ecuador Lot#13521

An F+/F++ Astraea (Uvanilla) babelis 23.57mm wideFischer, 1874 Taken at low tide on rocks in 1987 Minabe, Ecuador
1 Astraea (Uvanilla) babelis-Ecuador Lot#13521 $8.00
Sale: $5.20

Max: 1

Guildfordia aculeata 2 1/4" -"Freak"-Lot#15737

An F+/F++ Guildfordia aculeata 2 1/4" or 55.18mm. Jousseaume, 1899 Trawled at 100-150 meters in the 1990's Aliguay Island, Philippines. This is a freak variant specimen with several appendages. Quite rare!!
1 Guildfordia aculeata 2 1/4" -"Freak"-Lot#15737 $16.00
Sale: $10.40

Max: 1

Guildfordia yoka yoka 2 3/4"-Philippines-Lot#15738

An F+ Guildfordia yoka yoka 2 3/4" or 69.90mm. Jousseaume, 1899 Collected in tangle nets at 50-150 meters in the 1980’s. Punta Engano, Mactan Island Philippines.
1 Guildfordia yoka yoka 2 3/4"-Philippines-Lot#15738
Sale: $0.00

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